Monitoring and Maintenance for Your Fire Alarm in Reno, Nevada

Ensure Proper Performance of Your Fire Alarm System

Having a high-quality fire alarm system does not benefit you if it isn’t taken care of properly. In order to reap all the benefits of your investment, rely on All Pro Security, Inc. to maintain your security system. You will have greater peace of mind knowing your system is performing optimally each day and keeping you as safe as it should.

In order to feel absolutely confident that your fire alarm system is properly protecting your home or business, you need to ensure it is in peak operating condition at all times. Our monitoring and maintenance services are designed to protect the integrity and performance of your fire alarm system so it remains dependable.
Fire Alarm System — Red Fire Alarm Control Panel in Reno, NV

Experience and Expertise

Our extensive experience gives us the skill and knowledge to not only design and install your custom fire alarm system but also to provide routine maintenance and monitoring to promote a more reliable response.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Are Commercial Permits Available?

  • If you need a permit for your commercial fire alarm system, look to us to provide the inspections necessary to obtain this permit. We offer custom-designed commercial systems as well as leased equipment to ensure your fire protection and code compliance needs are met.

Can Fire Alarm Systems Be Repaired?

  • In addition to design and installation, our security system technicians also provide attentive repair services for commercial and residential fire alarm systems. From retrofitting and system upgrades to managing damage and system failure, we ensure your fire alarm is kept in good condition.

What Is the Cost of Fire Alarm Services?

  • Our experts approach each repair, maintenance and monitoring need individually. The cost of your services will depend on the complexity of the need and any equipment you require. Call us today in Reno, Nevada, to discuss your project and get a free quote.